Re: Cylinder Head (Cam Cover) removal

07 YZ450F

Just finished break in, only complaint was popping on decel, so I opened the fuel screw to 2.5 from where it was at 1.25. Made a big difference., still a little occasional popping, but bike starts great and runs great so I will leave it there.

Question: I just checked the valve clearances ( all within spec :) )

When reassembling do I need to replace the cylinder

head cover gasket?? the old one looks great and if I do reuse

the old one, should I use a grease or oil on it???

Thanks for helping a Newbie out:worthy:

The cam cover gasket may be reused any number of times as long as it is in good condition. It needs no sealer of any kind beyond the amount that makes it stay in place during installation. For this, when necessary, use a small amount of a contact cement/weatherstrip adhesive type sealer, and use it sparingly.

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