04 450 cornering

Just looking for options to get my 04 cornering better. I know the Storm link is popular, but if I recall correctly, it also raises the seat hieght. Being a little "vertically challenged", I'd just like to see what else is popular, or works well.


Same result will be lowering your front end by moving forks up in the clamps. Try it out because unlike the storm link, it`s free. Another obvious solution is to make sure you have a good tires and right pressures.

I put a storm link on my '03 and it helped but putting a stepped seat on the bike may have helped even more. I think it helps by keeping my fat but forward on the bike so that I'm weighting the front more.

I raised my forks to the 2nd line and it helped alot

Thanks. I'll have to give it a try this weekend. What about stability/headshake? Any downsides there?

I'm using the Stormlink on my 04', and I also moved the forks up to the second line. Doing the stormlink alone helped the turning, but running both the Stormlink, and raising the forks, made a definate difference.

I also recommend a Pirelli Scorpion Pro tire up front, more than any other to help with turning.

I had my forks all the way to the bars on my 05 and was nothing compared to the way the Storm link works. You can elongate the lower mounting holes on the sub-frame and do a little trimming on the frame, this will lower the sub-frame down and get very close to the stock seat height. You can also run a little more sag with the link, I really like my bike with 105-110mm sag and the forks raised to the first line. The only thing I have noticed stability wise is not a head shake problem but where you run the forks in the clamps is a little finicky. 1/8 of an inch will make a big difference in the way the bike turns but once you find a good spot you will know it.

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