Another flywheel question.

I want to get a flywheel weight or new heavier flywheel assembly. My question is what is the diffrence between installing a weight and a new flywheel. I know I will have to get a flywheel puller. How hard is it to install either one and where can I get detailed instructions? I am mechanically inclined but have never done this before.

Installing the weight is more time consuming, and should be done with a drill press only.

With welded weights, the weight will never loosen, it will be in balance when you get it, and 100% of the extra weight will be placed where it will have the greatest effect on inertia. They are also a simple remove and replace installation.

I put the GYTR flywheel on mine bike in less than 30 minutes. Very easy to install and it comes with detailed instructions. Basically it involves draining the oil, remove shift lever, remove the left engine cover, remove the flywheel nut, remove flywheel (don't misplace the key), and then reverse the sequence for installing. If I recall correctly, that was about it. All you will need is a flywheel puller, metric socket set and/wrenches, oil, flywheel kit and time. The flywheel kit came with a new gasket for the engine cover.

Once again, draining the oil is unnecessary if you run the bike for about 90 seconds before doing the job to purge the sump.

There are not many things easier. I was changing my oil anyway so that was already out of the way and I didn't have to remove the shifter.

just tip the bike over on its right side, you dont have to drain the oil for that

This is my next mod too. Dr. D flywheel weight I guess? Does the owners manual cover any of this procedure? At least a breakdown of parts for reassembly.

Thanks for all of the advise.

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