XR200R Flywheel removal

What size bolt/puller does it take to pull the flywheel off an XR200R?

use your rear axle and an impact... good luck!

use your rear axle and an impact... good luck!

What? There is a tool to do this..... I wouldn't recommend anything else. I tried and tried to get my XR100 FW off using a gear puller after taking the nut off. Just about screwed the FW up.... Went to the local MC shop and for $25.00 bought the FW puller tool. It took more time to take it out of the package then it took to get the FW off using it.

andy t.

I believe it's 16mm x 1.5 pitch. I got mine on EBay for around $10. I used a strap to hold the flywheel while tightening the puller and then whacking it with a hammer. Took about 5 repetitions to get it off.

Go to a bolt supply place. I got 2 for $5-6. Just be sure you know what size bolt you need.


Sorry.. I thought I was on the 150/230 thread. I am pretty sure it is the same on the 200 though(it has been a while since I have worked on a 200 bottom end).

The rear axle on the bike is the same size and pitch as the flywheel puller and it is free to use... I have had my flywheel off over 20 times on several 150/230 and 200 bikes. It just threads into the flywheel and presses it off the crank taper.

You can act as if I am dumb if you want... but I know what works...

To each their own.

Good Luck.

lol, i gotta try that

Thanks, guys I will use the rear axle.


I was going to ask this same question. I pulled the stator off my project motor last night and instantly knew I'd need something for the flywheel. And it just so happens I've got a spare axle! ThumperTalk read my mind! :)

Still looking for a right side/clutch cover for a '96 XR200. I guess I could find somebody who welds aluminum and see if they could fix it?


I swear i just saw a complete 2000 XR200 being parted on e-bay the other day. Take a look.

I swear i just saw a complete 2000 XR200 being parted on e-bay the other day. Take a look.

The cover wasn't available. He was selling it with the bottom end, less the stator. I thought that was kind of wierd. Anyway, it went for $202. Besides, I tried to get some information and the seller was evasive so I bowed out.


Just take the rear axle and screw it into the hole. Take a Cresent wrench and open it up enough to slip over the shaft of the bolt but catch the head. Hammer it out.

I fished out my extra axle bolt and discovered it had that steel tab welded to the end of it to keep it from turning. Sort of hard to get an impact wrench on that! Maybe I'll cut it off and file it down to fit?


All I have to say is I bought a FW puller for my girls xr200 and it didn't fit. I ended up using the rear axle, a strap to hold the FW and a couple love taps with a mallet. Had it in my hands in minutes!

I just used rear axle worked. wasnt that easy to tap out though

As others have said use the rear axle. It screws into the rotor and presses against the crank end. Some axles have a hex head and most have a round head with a tang. Put a vise grip or wrench on the end and strike the wrench a few times with a hammer and the rotor will pop lose from the crank taper.

sorry to bump an old post.


I am using my read axel, but cant get it out.

I have screwed the axel in to the point where my body weight is hanging off the wrench and still nothing.

Try a rubber hammer, should pop off.


Don't get carried away, just a nice swift blow on the end of the axle.



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