can i ride a wr400 on a mx track?

hello, i ride an xr in the woods, thinking about a little motocross but i have little experience, i came across a wr400 for a great price but i all ready have a trail bike, how does this bike do at the track? what is involved in makeing it handle like the yz? should i just look for a mx bike? i think i could get this bike for 3k

Absolutely! You have a great bike for the track. Is it YZ timed? Even if it is not, you will have a good time. The suspension is more than adaquate to handle the track. I use to take mine all the time even before I YZ timed it.

Get a YZ seat and tank, raise the forks a little, get some good tires, dial in the suspension - you now have a very fun and easy to ride motocross bike, WR or YZ timed !

:) Kaze ... I've had that photo professionally analysed, and I'm afraid to report that you are actually stood in your drive, eating Pizza, and the trees, jump etc have been skillfully airbrushed in!.............He HE ONLY JOKING! :D

Top piccy, well impressed , you are about 10 feet braver than me (vertically that is !) :D

You might be right Yamakazi :)



Looks like a perfectly executed downhill jump to me. Amazingly enough, I've never seen anyone attempt such a jump backwards!!! :D:):D

I don't might not be able to handle the jumps...


Bonzai :)

[ February 09, 2002: Message edited by: YAMAKAZE ]

Check out the intro page to this forum! The WR can be jumped, even by heavy-duty riders!

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