600R/650L rear wheel issue

I have a new 2007 XR650L, and wanted a second set of stock wheels to mount street type dual sport tires for use on mountain road twisties. It was my understanding that the stock wheels from all years air cooled XR 600R/650L would interchange so I bought a set of what I thought were XR650L wheels from ebay. The used wheels came with both brake rotors but without tires and the rear sprocket/bolts. The used wheels look just like my stock parts with the straight pull spokes. I noticed that the left side rear wheel bearing dust cover was missing, so I ordered a stock oem 650L rear sprocket 41201-MY6-700, rear sprocket bolts 90125-MN1-671, and left side bearing retainer 41231-429-000.

The parts I ordered came today, and the sprocket bolts will not fit through the hub (the hub holes are too small), and the hub has no female threads to accept the new bearing retainer.

The used rear wheel has smaller sprocket bolt holes than the stock oem 650L bolts, and the hub does not have threads to accept the bearing retainer that is shown on the microfiche.

&%$#@!? I need help from anyone that has delt with this issue before.



Post Some Pics


Thank you for your quick reply. The wheel looks exactly like my stock one, but the sprocket bolt holes are smaller, and the left side dust cover/bearing retainer is different.

What hub do I have??


It might be from an older XL, I would measure all the dimensions (bearing bore, width, bolt spread for the sprocket & rotor) if the only differance is the bolt hole diameter, just open them up.


Thankx for your imput. I have searched the microfiche every year 600R/650L looking for answers. The older drum brake XL's have a cush hub that is totally different than a late model XR650L. Every Year from 93 to current that I looked at for the 600R/650L has the same non-damped rear hub with the same sprocket bolts and threaded bearing retainer that I ordered but would not fit what I have.

I though about opening up the sprocket bolt holes, but what about the exposed left side wheel bearing seal that is screaming for a dust cover?


Take some dimensions of the hole and go to a local bearing industrial shop and they should have a seal that fit there.

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