wr450 03 cold starting

Just bought an 03.

Absolute pig to start from e-start, car battery or kickstarter when cold. Getting bored with recharging the battery hence this call for advice... Nothing mechanical obvious - woodruff key etc but seems to need choke all the time. Won't idle properly unless choke on. Engine simply dies

In line with manuals advice on accelerator pump behaviour I dont touch the throttle..

Maybe previous owner messed with pilot screw or pilot jetting but unclear why that would affect the starting, simply idling?

Nice weather in uk now, 15 degrees C, has finally stopped raining :)


Cold engine, i pull the choke on. Twist the throttle about two or three complete times. Then crank with e-start with throttle shut.

If you have to idle the engine hot with the choke on, then your carb needs to be removed and cleaned.

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