Cheap foot pegs for 650R

I'm looking to replace my stock footpegs on my 650R because the left one is bent. They seem to be surprisingly expensive. The best deal I've found is the Tusk Stainless for $65 but they're out of stock at Rocky Mountain. Does anyone know of any good deals for non-OEM pegs? I was leaning towards the IMS Pro's for $87 but I hear they have fitment issues. What about the IMS superstock for $72? Has anyone tried those?

You want a barely used stock peg? Pick it up in midtown TO with a Heineken 6pack or some interesting XR bit on hand. Fair?

I live about 14 hours north of you so that won't work. Thanks for the offer anyways.

The IMS are top notch, spend the $, the bike's worth it............

Should I go with the pro's or superstocks? I'm leaning towards the ss because the sharp teeth on the pro's seems like a saftey issue.

+1 on the ims pegs.

I have sets of SuperStocks and Pros (many bikes) and like them both. For racing I'd only use the Pros. For general use the Supers are fine.

In reality, since you're used to the OEM pegs you'll be on cloud nine with big pegs.

Spend the bucks on the SS will not be disappointed! :)

I live about 14 hours north of you so that won't work. Thanks for the offer anyways.

A hell of a two day dirt ride! I have replaced the stockers with the top-buck IMS... they're OK.

14 Hours eh, yeah... dat-cool, what road/town would that equate to. BTW, check out

+2 On the IMS pegs. I went with the burly pegs, and those things are SOLID. Plus, the little knobs won't wear off like they do on the stockers. Well worth the money.

Just ride north until you can't go further lol. Those ODSC guys are a little uptight for dirt bike riders. I'll save my pennies and get the SS pegs I guess.

I have the IMS SS on several of my bikes. They are great.

+1 on the Tusk, great value.

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