Wr450 vs Wr250

Ok heres my situation, I'm thinking about buying one of the two, after much debate with myself over the Wr vs YZ. I RARELY go to the track, I mostly do wood riding and such, so the WR is the ticket for me.

I sold my last bike (TT-R 225) about 3 years ago to buy My current Grizzly, I've missed the bike for Solo time since then. I've rode two strokes my entire life until I bought the TT-R 225, I actually loved the bike, it was bullet proof and reliable to me. I now realize it was a Pig. I weighed about 120 when I had it, It turned me into a man when I had to pick it up myself after crashes lol.

So I've been debating over which bike to get, its a small money difference between the bikes.

The 450 weighs about 15 pounds more, not a big deal Imo.

I weigh about 155-165, I've been riding my entire life. So what do you guys think? The TT-R was tame and weighed about as much as the 450, I'm not worried about the weight issue at all, I can easily lift that bymyself. I like the power, but will the 450 be unuseable at my weight?? I plan on hopefully riding both before I buy either, but I'd like input from third parties.

It will be a Yamaha whatever I get. Blue has treated me well over the years, Everyone I ride with gives me hell for not riding Honda as I'm the only Yamaha beside the Rhinos. But My TT-R, and Grizzly have never let me down, and tend to out perform the rest of the crowd :)

Thanks for any input

well you have to tell us what type of riding you do.

I will have to say that I can't really see why anyone would choose the 250 over the 450. 15 lbs is not worth the sacrifice in "power when you need it". I recently bought the 450 (from XR 250) and I ride everything. Tight single track, woods, hill climbs, sandy stuff, wide open fields, and the 450 is everything I have ever dreamed about having.

It is fine in the tight stuff, and having that extra power when you need it is great. It come geared a little high though, but unfortunatly I chose not to gear down because I like the perfect 2nd gear ratio for big hill climbs. However I will try gearing down.

Overall the bike is a phenominal machine, handles perfect and is so thrilling to ride. Oh it is an 06 by the way.

I ride mainly woods, Little to no sand at all. Rarely any track. Mostly fourwheeler trails, old pits and such.

Why go small when you can go big for little $'s more? IMHO, it seems a no brainer, but that is only my perspective. You can do more on the 450, so you have more options.

Good luck! Don't stress.:)

I have both and almost exclusively ride the 450. 250 is great for tight hare scrambles but lacks the power/torque to motor up hills and through swamps etc. If you can handle the weight and cost difference go big!

Well... I have a 450 and I love it.... when on "play" rides. However, when I am riding an enduro in 90-100 degree heat and I am at about mile 50 of about 90, I'd give anything at that point for a 250.

For 40 miles at a moderate pace, the 450 is great. But if you are racing or riding enduros, you WILL feel every ounce of that 15 extra lbs that the 450 has over the 250.

Also, the real difference is not in the dead weight of the 250/450. The difference in rotating mass is what you'll notice first.

The more gnarly the ride, the more you'll appreciate the 250.

I wont be doing very many races or anything like that. Just mainly riding for enjoyment. I've also considered looking at an older model thats used, what do you guys think about the 426s or even past 450s? Thanks for all the help. I'll be going big :)

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