New stator install

I think I did something wrong... I installed a new stator from ricky stator,, when I put on the side cover it was a snug fit...It seems really hard to kick like it is stuck... help???

I don't know which bike you are referring to and my stator was a rewound stator by Baja Designs, but the cover had to be slightly modified with a dremel tool for the 650R. You need to take it back out and make absolutely sure you have plenty of room. It's kind of hard to put it in wrong, but I guess it's possible. Still, sounds like your problem is interference with the flywheel and not between stator and case. Did your instructions say anything about modifying the case?

I have a Ricky in mine and there were no fitment issues..................

just installed a ricky in mine last weekend. no issues. better take it apart and check for marks.

Yes I will ,, glad I did not put any oil in it or really try and rotate crank...

I installed mine on an R about three months ago and I didn't have to clearance anything. My bet is the little clip that holds the wire to the cover fell out and is jammed against something.

My bet is I put the wires toward the flywheel and not the case side.....Good thing I did not try and start it or move the crank. will tear into it tonight...

Yes I was right..Pulled it out and turned it around, fits great, but I need a new gasket now....

Stupid me, that is what I get for being in a hurry,, too many things going on at once....

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