Any downside to the Dunlop 606s?

I'm about this close (my index finger and thumb are about 1/4" apart) to getting the 606s. I'm wondering if anyone who has them can tell me if there's any significant vibration on the road due to the tread pattern and second, how's street performance in terms of cornering and braking. I'm talking about in comparison to the stock Death Wings. Thanks!

Good 80/20 tires. They aren't going to be as good as the trailwings on the street but they'll destroy them offroad.

there the longest lasting ds tire youll find. dont try to ride like Rossi on the street and youll be fine. take it easy the first few miles on the street.

I like my D606

Great D/S tires. So far I have about 1600 miles on my rear and still have around half tread. This is about 80% on road 20% off. Very noisy on the road but vibration is not all that bad. So far after riding in all conditions I have yet to have a problem with performance. I have heard that you need to break in the tires for a 100ks or so to prevent the knobblies from sheering off. Again I have had no probs. I will be replacing the 606 with another one when the time comes.

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I just got mine mounted about a month ago, and compared to my trackmaster they are amazing. I can actually lean through a turn with speed and not have the bike feel like its going shake loose. Definitely an awesome DS tire.

I have been using the 606 for years and it has been great in every situation both on and off-road. The rear tire will flatten out if you spend alot of time on the pavement but all tires do this to some degree even the Metzler street tires on my prior BMW's.

I currently have a set of 606's on my WR450F, dual sported, that have worn extremely well and also work great off road in sand and loose dirt.

I just put a set of Continential TKC80's on my new XR650L because it has gotten such good reviews from those who have used them.

The TKC80 knobs are closer together than the 606 and should wear better than the 606 on-road but will not be as good off-road. Also, the side wall of the 606 is stiffer than the TKC80 so in a flat tire situation where you have to ride the tire flat for some miles, the 606 will do better than the TKC80.

So far I am very happy with the TKC80's on-road performance but feel the 606 is probably almost as good on-road but the 606 should do better off-road but I will have to see about that as I put on the off-road miles with the TKC80's.

I have had em on my 05 XR650L for oh maybe 200 miles now and no real appreciable wear, they are great in the dirt - no comparison to the OEM bridgestones and they feel good on the street, they sing a bit that's all.

+1 for street noise, im rocking the MX helmet and the wind and noise makes me wear ear plugs, but i took a 115 mile ride with 2 guys on crothc rockets up throught the SoCal mountains and they thought they were going slow cuz i was on their tails the whole way, For always bieng a MX racer i was kinda surprised how well they did with all the corners and i was hammering my 650L. If you are wanting a tire for 50/50 then dont hesitate If you want a street tire check elsewhere. Im tossing the idea if im gonna get them again cuz i have off road bike so i want more street for my 650L.

pirelli mt 21 cannot be beat!!!!!!!!!!!

I particularly prefer the MT21 front over the D606 front for off-road traction and general longevity. Both rears are good in my experience.

Decent street. (they leave good blackstripes)

Good on hardpack.

No bueno in the sand.

Better than full-on off road tires on the street but I think the front totally sucks in sand and desert riding. This is my first experience with the 606 and I will not use the front again. The rear is ok. I ride about 80% off-road.

Oh boy. I was getting sold on the 606s until the last few posts, since in souther Jersey here there's LOT'S of soft sand. Hmmm. The Pirelli 21s were my second choice. But I think I'll give the 606s a shot first since the overall feedback is very good and they have to be a step up regardless. What's the size most of you are using front and rear? As soon as I find out the best size (ie the biggest that will fit) I'm ordering a set:prof:

Who has the best price on the 606??

If there's one good thing about only getting 1000-1500 miles out of these types of tires (on an my XR650R anyway) it's that you can try different ones out without having to wait forever or take off a tire that's still got life.

just as it was mentioned earlier, go with the mt21 front, then decide between the 606 and mt21 rear!:)

Anyone ever consider the MT83 Scorpion Pro for the front. It's DOT and every thing I ever read about it was good. I have one but have not mounted it yet.

I have run the 606 and the MT21 rears. I feel the MT21 is a hair better than the 606 off road but not a huge difference until you get in the sand or really loose gravel then I definitely prefer the MT21. The 606 wears noticeably better although the MT21 is not real bad in the wear department.

Maybe check out the Michelin Baja rear. It's probably better in the sand/loose stuff than the 606 if that's what you're after. It looks like it'll be decent for some road use. I think they wear pretty well too.

Who has the best price on the 606?? and fast shipment too

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