Garmin eTrex GPS

My buddy got a Garmin eTrex Legend GPS for Xmas and he promptly gave it to me to learn how to use. He said the book was too thick and he didn't have the time. So the smuck that I am, I said I would try to figure it out. Anyone have this model or one close to it? Is it even worth it to learn? This looks like a hand held model, not one that hooks to a bike.



I have the Etrex venture which is close to the legend. They work very well for finding the way back to the truck if you are going way back into the woods.

They are very easy to use.

You set the waypoint at the truck and then if you get turned around it will tell you the direction back. Will also tell you how far back to the truck and average speed and top speed.

I have a handle bar mount for mine,(garmin) cost about $15 and works well.


Sup Dougie?

I have the Etrix Vista which is close to what you have. Yes, you can get lots of different mounts for the motorcycle. Here is the one I have although it's a bit pricey:


Warning: DON'T use rechargable batteries in this unit while on the motorcycle. It won't hurt the unit, but mine CONSTANTLY shuts off when I do use rechargebles.

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