Honda Xr 600 siezing when warm


My 1996 Xr 600 r is siezing when warm. Runs fine again when cool. Any ideas? I have a 162 main jet 65 pilot and a supertrap exhaust with fmf front pipes. Thanks

did you check the oil sounds like you dont have any i would check that first before something blows up

Is it really siezing or is the engine just stopping? There is a big difference between the two.

too late... my friends son went out on it today...aaahhhhgggggg.. seized crank.. at least... seems that oil starvation is the problem. unsure as to why yet..pump seems to be ok. any ideas? thanks

For a learning lesson, you can tear the old engine down.. For getting the bike back together as quickly as possible, and for less than what it will cost to repair the old engine-buy a used one and install it.

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