Suspension Advice

i need some advice regarding my 06 wr450 suspension.

i weigh 190 lbs without my gear and have fitted slightly stiffer springs front and rear and with this i have noticed an improvement in my suspension.

however its only after competing in an enduro at the weekend did i find out how utterly rubbish my suspension is and had to reside myself to just taking it at a steady pace otherwise things got really out of shape and i would find myself in the mud.

my question is this :- is it worth just getting my suspension revalved or is there more that i need to have done to reach the improvement necessary to have decent handling or do i need better quality suspension from ohlins or WHY

can any of you folks give me the benefit of your experience with this situation

thanks from muddyken

Get it re valved, it will help circulate the oil Thur the suspension better.

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