03 yz450f, noisy???

I just finished rebuilding my motor. Before i rebuilt it, the motor was noisy. It goes away when you're riding, but still makes me nervous. Also, after i rebuilt the motor it still is noisy. The valves are all within specs and it runs good.

Also, the chain. When i have the bike propped off the ground and running in first gear the chain moves around/ skips a bit. I heard this was normal because there is no pressure/weight on the rear wheels which means there is no pressure against the tranny. Well when im riding, if im just coasting down the street in 2-4 it doesnt do it, but when i go into 1st(remember im coasting) it doesn't seem to skip until i go really slow.

Im guessing this is all normal since there is absolutely nothing wrong with the motor.

I guess im just to paranoid

Your tranny should not skip in any gear.

It doesnt necassarilly skip, it jst seems to skip. When im riding it fine, but mostly when the bike is up off the ground it seems to skip. I was told its normal because there is no pressure on anything.

Also is the yz450 a generaly noisy bike?

Also i read somewhere that the clutches are noisy, is this true?

Yes and yes. The motor is a little noisy and the "skipping" you mention is because it's a single cylinder 4 stroke and there is only one power stroke. Greyracer explained it much better in another thread. Sounds normal to me.

Ok great. thanks

I just finished rebuilding/putting in some new gears i nthe motor and I'm just very paranoid.

Tomorrow i will be driving out to the desert to break it in. I didn't want to drive it out there and have something go wrong.

I can't test it around my house because i have my paddle on, lol.

I will give a ride report after i get back.


Ride report.

Bike ran awesome, motor ran good, coolant wouldn't stop leaking from the hole under the water pump/impeller cover, and i broke the kick start shaft when it kick backed really hard. Thats why a wear boots

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