Euro/Canadian WR muffler?

Does anyone have a cross sectional drawing or picture of a 01/02 WR 426 muffler?. I have a friend who owns a hotrod exhaust shop and could redesign my '02's stock muffler. My only concern is about what sort of baffling is in the muffler and the sizes of the holes in these baffles. I don't see why a muffler couldn't be modified instead of spending around $500.00(Canadian) on a new aftermarket muffler. Thanks for your help.

Doesn't anyone out there have any ideas about this question?

Hey WR Dave,

I have a poor drawing for the `98 YZ, WR pipes from a Japanese magazine called 'dirt cool'. The scanned page is a little over 2 megs. Can your e-mail account handle attachments this large?

Send your e-mail address in a private message and its yours.

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