06 yz450 wiseco piston ticking need help?

had 30hrs on my 06 and put a new piston and rings in it. I rode it about 2 months ago and didint notice the ticking noise coming from the piston area. not to say it may not have been there I just noticed it today after firing it up. It runs great starts even better than before. I didnt pull the valves when apart, they were well with in spec. I went to the dealer to make sure it was not me and he said it as not right and sounded like poss. piston slap. I put a wiseco piston clear 0.076mm/0.0030 in. My dealer said they have had problems with wiseco pistons being to small could this be true and do you think I should do another tear down. I didnt mic. my cylinder either thinking 30hrs was not enough to wear it that much and it looked fine little wear. wondering if anyone else has done the same thing and wiseco pistons just make different sounds than stock.

Wiseco's are louder than stock. They do make a piston slap sound. I put a 13.5:1 Wiseco in mine and it did the same thing, its been 2 years now and it runs fine. I wouldn't worry about it.

thanks for the reply that helps.

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