Help stripped chain adjuster !!

Ok guys help me out,

My chain adjuster is locked tight in my swing arm. What the heck should I do. Anything you got will be great



Try heating up the area around the bolt to get it out. The threads are probably toast, so the best thing you can do after removing the bolt is to install a stainless Helicoil. The Helicoil will be stronger than the aluminum threads anyways. A little anti-seize lube will prevent the threads from locking up in the future. Good Luck,


Ditto on the heat, and lots of it. Penetrating oil can't hurt also. Your threads are probably still fine. Whatever you do, DO NOT put enough torque on the bolt to snap it off. You will be hating life then.

In the future - anti-sieze!!!

Every time I take my rear wheel off, I take the adjusters out and lube them (whatever's handy, either water resistant grease or anti-seize). I also spray lube into the swingarm, just so it'll soak up some of the moisture.

Thanx for the help it worked. You guys rule!!

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