pics of my xr600 in a cr125

nice work! you must have ALOT of spare time :)

Looks like you have a few nice projects going, looks good. How'd you work out the carb?


The carb is a 40CV off of a Harley Big-Twin. Made a mainfold out of sheetmetal to attach to the twin intake ports on the head. It had to mount outside the frame because of limited space.


Hmmm. Just a thought....Looks like the carb might get damaged when you take a spill. Might be a good idea to fabricate some protection for it.

Yea, I was afraid of that also- might have to put a roll cage on it!

That is such a cool looking project. Id love to hear and see more about it when you are done. Are you going to dress it up?

It sounds really mean. That CRF pipe is loud. I just rode it around the block. Starts in 1-2 kicks!

My only real problem is under extreme front fork compression the tire will hit the headers. Looks like I'm going to have to flip the pipe 180° to the other side of the bike. (lots of pipe work. Damn! oh well) I was going to do this originally, but I thought I could make it work stock. All in all, it seems to be a nice running/riding bike. Sure has a bunch of power. It holds about 3.5 quarts, I was hoping the oil system would hold more.

I'll try and snap a few pics tomorow.

Thanks for looking,


I'm envious of your fab skills and knowledge.

I cant wait to see this one done!!!!!!!

here's an idea, you might be able to order and offset clamp or fab one up your self if you have acces to a milling machine or cnc, and that way that passes the pipe work, and keeps the front tire from rubbing, just an idea?

Very cool project. How much does it weigh?


255lbs on the 'ole bathroom scale.

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