gas leak in the carb

I got a 99 YZ400 and I just fixed the Water pump and everything is working well... when I started the bike to test the water pump, I noticed a gas leak in the carb. I am not sure wehere it is coming from but the bottom of the carb seems to be just wet with gas and after a couple of minutes, The gas started to drip. I had the choke on (I use it to start the bike) and It took a ocuple of minutes to start the bike.

I am not sure what is leaking but the bike also has a hard time keeping an idle (another problem that I have not addressed yet).

my question is two fold...

1. Where could the gas be leaking from???

2. does the rough idle have anything to do with the gas leak??

you guys helped alot with my water pump so I figure you all would be the best people to ask about my gas leak problem!!!!!:):ride:


Patrick M

Sounds like the float is stuck - probably due to dirt particles. Remove float bowl and float clean and reinstall. This will probably fix your issue.

whikle you ahve the float off clean the jets too... it never hurts to do that sience you have the carb out anyways

I figured out the problem!!!!

I talked to a couple of Yamaha techs and they said that the float (of the bowl) needs to be changed so I Decided to have the whole carb taken out and cleaned

One of the techs I talked to said he would walk me thru it on his next day off

lets hope some parts in the carb dont need to be replaced:excuseme:

Patrick M.

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