Magnetic Drain Plug - the Next Bulk Buy?

I made the suggestion a long while back, and there was obviously some interest. Someone else took the initiative and organised it. It turned out to be a bit of a fiasco, the product is a fine one, but there were delays in ordering or shipping out, and a lack of communication on Scotts part made those who had sent him their money angry and wary. I think all was right in the end, but it got ugly for a while...

You can buy the ZipTy magnetic drain plug direct yourself, they are the one to have.

It was funny to see thsi thread resurface... been trawling through the old posts have we?... :)


I don't want to rain on your guys' parade here, but I have a magnet on both of my oil drain plugs (frame mounted plug also), all for under two bucks. If your bulk buy doesn't go through and you want a cheap alternative, try this:

Go to Radio Shack and buy a package of two small "rare earth magnets" for $1.79. They are about half the size of a pencil eraser, but are extremely powerful. Pull the drain plugs and clean with brake cleaner. If the tip of the drain plug is not nice and flat, just file or grind it to make a good flat surface. Then place a magnet on the tip of each plug, and re-install. now have not one, but two very strong magnets to collect the metal particulates from the oil.

And if you are worried that the magnets may slip off inside....don't. They are incredibly strong, and after using these for two years I've never had one budge out of place. I also put these magnets on the drain plugs on all my other rigs, and they work great. If you're still worried about movement, just countersink a small depression in the end of the drain bolt for the magnet to set in. That would be bombproof (but I really don't think it's necessary). Just thought I'd share this for those of you who may be "financially challenged" me! :)

Good luck with the bulk buy!

trawling through the old posts

No...I kept looking for some mention of the plugs again following my original reply...I must have missed the shout for the bulk buy when it went ahead. Never mind - Guy tells me he got one from somewhere in UK so I will get one from there.


Count me in too! Ok, who is going to contact ZipTy? :)

There are good ones, and not so good ones... the zip-Ty one, by concensus, was by far the strongest one to get, I got one from Yamaha and it won't even hold it's own weight when I stick it to a toolbox or the front of a fridge... :):D


save ur money and buy a flywheel puller

remove the flywheel then clean the big magnets inside they collect loadsa stuff,,,if there is any metal in the oil these will get it

2 for me!



What an excellent tip - I wonder if anyone WITH a magnetic drain plug has tried the same to see if which magnet collects the most metal?

well yes i have a magnetic drain plug but i brought it cus the originals kept rounding off.

when i change the oil i get maybe 1 or 2 tiny bits stuck to it.

i recently installed a flywheel wieght and when i removed the flywheel the inside was covered in a metalic paste maybe 2mm thick.

btw got the wr back together now?

Hey guys-

I dont think anyone should wait to get a ZipTy plug. They do the trick, over and over. Im for the chain/sprocket deal. If you dont have a magnetic plug, just go and get one, your bike CANT wait!

kevin the picture on the link doesnt seem to work


Try direct address....


[ May 07, 2002: Message edited by: wrsm ]

THATS not the plastics i sold u is it?

looks great btw

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