XR400R rear wheel on XR650L?

OK, I think I have identified the mystery used rear wheel that I was sold to mount on my 07 650L. I am fairly sure that the wheel is from a XR400R because the rim size (18 X 1.85) is smaller that the stock 650L rim (18 X 2.15). Can anyone confirm that this is the correct rim size for a XR400R? Will a XR400R rear wheel work on a XR650L?


18 X 1.85 is the stock size for my XR250R.

So long as the axle, rotor, rim offset, etc., line up, I'd think you'd be ok mounting it on the 650L. Obviously a narrower rim dictates a narrower tire.

Unsure if any handling issues would come of it. :)

My 400 uses the 18 X 2.15

Thanks Fellas

Yup, it's a XR250R rear wheel. Does anyone know for sure if it will work on the 650L? I don't want to waste any more time trying to make it work if I don't have to. I will now do a frantic search for a XR650L rear wheel, because I have a big ride coming up in less than 10 days.

Does anyone know where I might snag a used stock rear wheel take off from a 650L? The seller of the 250 wheel told me he would buy it back. It was an honest mistake by both of us.


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