Dr D "new system"

Called Motofrugal today to ask about the dubach pipes. Apparently they have a new "system" out with a spark arrestor.

Anyone know what this is? Is it as good as all the other Dr D. exhausts everyone's talking about, as in just the race can with a sparky in it? Or is this a whole new thing that maybe doesn't make the power?

I'm on the fence over Dr D or MRD, I'm looking for more upper end hit on my 07 YZ450, so thinking Dr. D is the place to go, but don't want to try anything new and untested;)

Any help??

i have it. just the new style pipe. it's prettier. thats all.

I also purchased the Dr. D full pipe, the pipe is going to have a quite core and a spark arrestor, I have been told, the quite core should beat the 96db sound check no problem but it is going to hinder top end and give you a little more torque at low end, thats just what I've been told, I will ride the bike for the first time this weekend, so ask then, lol also just so you know it does not have a heat shield on it, and in order to put one on you will have to weld nuts on it, FYI

I too have a Dubach exhaust on my bike. It's the new style which is basically a new end cap. It comes with the spark arrest screen inside which I removed by pulling off the end cap. Easy to reinstall when needed.

I think i should let you guys know that Dr D has a 2 inch step down pipe that will let you lower the radators. They sell the new radator mounts for 50.00.

That is the one we are looking at.

We just can not decide on stainless or titanium

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