How to set the idle speed...Properly!

Is there a meter I can buy or is one of those whirly gig thingamagigs you lay on the bike and try to get the needle to spin in a circle, ok?

Also what is the proper idle speed. Yeah I know, it's in the manual :):D:D


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I have the 01 WR426 and I don't know if the settings are exactly the same for your bike. To check what the RPM's of the 01, you need an inductive tachometer. Yamaha has one which is listed in the 01 manual as PN YU-08036-B. The specs for the 01 model says that the idle speed should be 1700-1900 RPM. Hope this helps.

I've found that using a Digitron Race Kart inductive tach to work well. Also if needed, you can mount it to the crossbar for tests while under riding conditions.



down near the end of "jetting Q's" i went to 55PAJ/35PJ and the idle went so high i had to turn the knob out a full turn (1mm) to get the revs back down. i know it's creating a mountain out of a mole hill but there you are!



I was going to mess with the jetting and wanted to make sure I had some idea and/or the correct idle speed.

Then start with the idle>>pilot ciruit and go from there.



Are you looking for one to permanently attach so you can view RPM's while riding? Or just want one for testing? I would steer away from a permanent one...I find if almost impossible to check the panoram when I'm riding...those trees come up too quickly to look down :)

Idle speed is indeed 1700-1900 rpms. That's a big range!

Dude I would just set it so it doesn't stall when you release the clutch slowly in first. It should pull and your butt on a flatsurface w/o stalling, yet not be so high that it's affecting the rear wheel braking effect.

I also turn it up a little in deep mud to avoid stalling from the extra weight glued to the bike. If I rode in sand a lot I would probably have a higher idle than dirt, too.

To each his own, though! Good luck, Bill!

In that case, Bill...warm the bike up, then set the idle so the bike is on the verge of stalling.

Now play with the fuel screw/pilot jet. You'll want to set it at the low idle setting and listen carefully for the engine to smooth out or cut out. Leave at teh smothest setting, then turn idle up and go ride.

It's easier to hear an improvement when the idle is turned down. Listen for the mechanical noise, not the exhaust.

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