wanted XR650L rear wheel

I bought a set of used stock 650L wheels off of ebay, the front is correct but the rear wheel turned out to be from a XR250R. It was an honest mistake and the seller has offered to buy it back which is nice. I have an immediate need for a stock take off rear wheel from a late model XR650L for a big ride I have coming up in less than 10days. I am checking ebay a few times a day, but so far nuttin'. Help me please!!




'07 XR650L - Stage One complete

You can also search for an xr600r rear wheel. They are a direct swap. Nothing on Ebay right now!

Thx Bum,

Everyone that I talk to tells me something different. Some say ALL the XR/XRL wheels will interchange, and that they have done it many times, others say that the XRR wheels will not fit the XRL. How the heck do I know who to believe without going through all the pain myself? All I know is that I need a XR650L rear wheel yesterday.



Here is the low down. 92 and above xr600 and xr650l wheels are a direct swap! Rear is identical. Front is different, but will mount up. Front brake rotor is smaller, but fits. I use the xr600 fronts for off road wheels. xr650l fronts for street. Now I do not know if all xr600 rear wheels before 92 will swap, but as long as it is disc brake it should! The front before 92 will not because of an axle size change. I do not know if you can change the bearing to make it work. I have already been down your road, and this is what I have learned. The wheels linked to above are actually 650r wheels. Good luck!

yes, the older XR600 14mm axle front wheel (pre 92) will fit with a bearing and seal change to the newer 17mm axle.

100.00 plus shipping, usps priority mail about 28.00 to zip 33508. Its got a worn tire, warped rotor (still rideable) a few bolts missing from the sprocket side the sprocket is good Not sure about the bearings but I was riding it before I converted it without any problem.......Email me if you want and I'll send pics, Its off an 2001 XR650L. I'll throw it on eBay with a buy it now and ship it out as soon as I get paid via paypal, Let me know



hi there....this would be my very 1st post...hope not to get flame or anything...i have the 650L...and i have bought a set of XR400R rear...fits perfectly...but sadly,my engine is blown after a 350mile ride...:)

well..i do have a set of the 650L spare...but...well...i'm from Singapore...so,you have to come and get the wheel if you want...:ride:

here's my L..


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