Which Wire To Cut?

I have got a lock to fit to my 2002 WR 400, I just want it to stop the ignition from sparking when the the circuit is broken by the lock. I know it wont stop harcore theives but it may slow them down a bit. I am just wondering what wire do I want to cut? Been told it should be after the flywheel before the CDI but still not sure which one. Can someone help as I would like to fit it this weekend if possible

Here is the wiring diagram:-


What kind of switch are you installing? Most motorcycle ignition switches made for bikes without e-start are the reverse of a car. Meaning they make a connection when in the off position and break the connection when in the on position. When using this type of switch all you need to do is tap it into your kill switch. With the switch off it’s like holding the kill switch down, no way is can start.

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