Switching a Wet sump back to Dry sump?

Hey whats up? I have a couple wet sump 426 engines here im wanting to switch back to dry sump. I was wandering if anyone else has been down the route and has any tips. I never mess with the wet sump kits as i dont like the setup, so any help/advice on what to do and what to replace to get it back to dry sump would be Greatly appreciated.

Thank you


What you will need to do is to get both oil lines and unless you can find the original oil pump separator plate (which is serviced as a part of the outer (feed) pump assembly), you will need to buy both oil pumps.

If I remember correctly, the kit blocks off both external oil fittings and then modifies the oil pump by removing the return rotor and replacing the separator plate with on that allows the feed pump to get its intake oil from the sump screen through the cavity ordinarily occupied by the return pump rotors. If the previous owner does not have the original parts, you'll need to buy them new. Then, too, they may be worn enough to warrant replacement.

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