New 07 WR450 owner

Hello everyone, I've had the riding itch since the day I sold my 98 yz 125. So yesterday I broke down and bought a new WR450F. I also bought the kit to uncork it, but they wont have the parts in until the 23rd so Im riding it stock for now. Blue Betsy as I've named her (my trucks name is Black Betty lol), is pretty mild mannered in stock form, but oh so much torque! I love it! I'm only 5'6" and 160 pounds and man handling this thing is a labor of love haha, the seat is a pain in my ass though...:) Anyways seems great so far, cant wait to get it uncorked and see if I can really get myself into trouble hahaha!

hey man congrats i got the 07 250 and love it

Just got my 07 WR450 last week with AIS removal, FMF Q4 Pipe, Jetted, and Baha Kit. Wow it is a rocket. Can't wait till broken in.

hey there bud very carefull when you uncork it...

its night and day .. u will have to take it easy or it will hurt you

take it from me stock is like riding a goat

be carefull

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