650R Street Tires

May be looking at putting Street only S/M tires on the 650 for the summer as it is boating season now....The knobbys aren't so hot at 90 on the pave.......Any recommendations, it will be on the stock rims...Thanks....Ride On......:)

Are you talking full on 100% street tires, or more of the supermoto thing.

There are actually a bunch of street tires that can be used. There are a many for the rear. Harley makes bikes with 21 inch rims so there are a few for the front. If cash is a concern, there is the Kenda K657. Comes in sizes for both ends. I think that they have at least decent traction and are better than most street Cheng Shin. Not very long lasting though. A little better tire would be a Dunlop D404 which also comes in the correct sizes for both ends. Those are just a couple that I happen to know about. There are many more, but expect good tires, like Avon's, to cost more.

I have a D404 in 120/80-18 that has about 90% of it's tread and I don't have a street bike that uses that size.

I just mounted a new set of Pirelli Scorpions on my bike.So far they hook up pretty good .2nd gear wheelies come easier (I guess less tire spin than the kendas).The front is a scorpion S/T 90/90-21 and the rear is an A/T 140/80-18(no fitmment problems at all,tough I have the chain guard removed).Took them for a high speed run (90+) and they are definitely way better than knobbies.If you're doing mostly street I'd recommend the s/t's.I still haven't tested the tires in the dirt but I think that they'll take fire roads fairly well.One other thing,the bike is now about 1 1/2 - 2 inches higher...good luck

Metzler saharas front and back are very good,but kind of pricey.

you can get a dunlop dirttrack tire for the rear and a trailwing style tire for the front. I have a duro brand tire on my front that looks like trailwing and an Irc roadwarrior? rear try not to go bigger than 130 series for back the dunlop is availabe through screaming eagle parts catalog or there is a guy out of michigan on ebay that has some of them. have fun

hi...not sure if these set is available in your area....you might wanna check out Dunlop Trailmax D604...


CLEO you saying you got that tire to get rid of it?? I might be interested where you in CA?

Avon Distanzias... Maybe cheaper than the Metzlers. Good long wearing road tire that will take no a bit of dirt when need be.

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