WR450 vs. 450R.......who wins??

Hello All,

I'm looking to buy a new bike, and I will be doing mostly desert riding. We like to climb hills, do some goat trail riding, hit the woops, and fly through some sand washes. So I'm stuck,:) , and can't decide between the two bikes. Most of my friends lean towards the Honda, but I have heard the maintence on the Honda is "often". I have heard the WR is reliable, durable, and the maintence schedule is light. I'm not hung up on the issue of working on the bike, but I would be concerned if the "overall life expectency" is short on either bike. I'd be interested in what the "Yamaha" crowd would have to say.

Regards, Brian

ps. Thanks 4 your time :ride:

02 WR426, and never had to do a thing to it besides routine maintenance. Rock solid reliable. I assume you are comparing the WR to the crf450x, right? WR to 450R is two totally different worlds.

I was getting ready to buy a bike about a year ago and was only looking at the Honda because I've owned a couple of XRs that were absolutely bombproof. In my research I started reading about a lot of valve problems with the CRF. Even the Honda Guys on TT were complaining about them. Apparently they mushroom out and require frequent adjustment/replacement. I heard from a guy who knows this dude whose uncles brother is a mechanic:prof: that Honda had fixed the problem in the new bikes. Since you are buying new you may not have this issue. I ended up with an 04 WR450 and haven't regretted it for a second. It runs great and has been super dependable.

I assume you are comparing the WR to the crf450x, right? WR to 450R is two totally different worlds.

Yes thank you, It is the 450 X that I'm comparing to the WR450.

Pretty equal bikes overall. I've heard of the valve issues...even from the dealer. But 2 of my friends own 450X's and they have had no issue. They change oil every 5 hours of riding time. I hear frequent oil change helps the valve issues on all bikes.

I own the 07 WR450...and I love it. I think the WR has more upgrade features with Titanium Footpegs, Triple clamp with Fat Bar, Better Suspension (48 MM). I also think the WR Blue wears better over time. My friends 450X shows more wear. WR is lower geared, and 450X has more top end speed.

Honestly, both great bikes. It really comes down to the color and features you value most. I would certainly give the WR the nod on reliability on less MX.

I have a 2006 YZ450. Not the same bike you are looking at, but I have essentially the same motor as the WR. Anyways, I do almost every type of riding from tight single track to desert. I push my bike really hard to.

This year I racked up well over 80 hours on the hour meter. I haven't even checked the valves yet. It has no hesitation at all and starts hot or cold first or second kick. Yamaha motors are rock solid. I wouldn't buy anything else for that reason alone.

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