Going to look at 04' WR450 in 3 hours.........

Hi, I am going to look at a 2004 WR450 in a few hours to buy as a replacement to my 426, could anyone give any advice as to what to look out for? I know the usual consumables etc but are there any known problems with the 04 bike?

Also, how can I tell that its not a 2003 model? anyone know what looks different or engine/ frame numbers would be brilliant !!!

Many thanks


Anyone? :):ride::bonk:

I have spent ages searching and found some good advice on here :)

It looks like the 04 bike is sorted reliability wise, the only thing is how can i tell if its an 04 bike as the 03 looks exactly the same to me?



The 10th digit of the VIN is the year indicator. If it's an '04 the 10th digit should be a 4, '05=5, '03=3, etc.

Not sure if it's all the same in the UK, but should be.

Thanks for your advice, its definitely an '04 model :) I bought the bike and took it for a good test down my favorite trails today, very impressed :ride:


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