wr400 feels like missing in 5th gear

Hi can anyone help have a 98 model wr400f was running fine till on way back from ride the other day went up through gears as normal was fine pulling like a train 1st 2nd 3rd 4th then pulled 5th and it was like bike was missing and popping and holding back.

Felt problem was electrical under load as was fine in everyother gear changed spark plug and found a dodgey connection to coil which have repaired but still the same has anyone else had a problem like this can anyone help. :)

my mate said it could be a gear problem but more like gear pushing on crank and moving the mag enough to drop spark in and out as there is no crunching from box which would say a broken gear:confused:

any help wuold be great thanks

Could be the float bowl running out of fuel. Check the fuel filter (ifyou have one) and the strainer in the tank. Take the fuel line off the carb and open it up to see if it runs free, check it on standard and reserve. Older bike can get "stuff" in the tank and clog the line. Also check for water in the float bowl. Doesn't sound like ignition to me, although I learned to always suspect ingition. Wouldn't hurt to check the plugh wire and cap to be sure they're in good shape. Gears have no connection to the CDI. Good luck

gear box problem mate, i have just done it about 2 months ago and costs around £1000.

problem is as thho you have some teeth missing on your sproket and it is slipping, fine in every other gear but only whe you get up ito 5th gear feels like fuel ,elec problem but its not it is the dogs o 5th and 3rd gear slipping out and it is a commen problem on wrs . either 5th gear or 3rd gear goes.

do a search on here for 5th gear problems or 3rd gear problems as i posted some pics up to.

its a very expencive full engine rebuild

Could it be a dodgy clutch? a Slipping clutch will usualy show up in higher gears. You do have an older bike. If you havent changed out the clutch it could be time. Might be worth measuring the plate thickness to see if they are under spec.

^^^ I don't think a clutch would cause that. If it was a clutch it would feel more like rpms suddenly going up -- not cutting off. I hope it's not the fifth gear, man! Sounds like an expensive repair.:)

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