04 450 Mods That Work!

Over the winter I finally did some mods to my trusty steed and the results are incredible. I am 6ft 4in, 210lbs VET-B rider and I was looking to make some space for my legs as well as mellow out the power without giving up the torque. After researching and reading alot of your posts I decided to go the route of a flywheel weight and a pipe. I put on a 8oz weight and went with a FMF TI-4 slip on as well as up one tooth on the rear sprocket. What a difference! The bike still pulls like a freight train but without the drama. I can get back on the throttle much earlier in corners without the rear end trying to pass the front wheel. The bike also chugs like a Farm-All tractor at low speeds without me having to clutch in to avoid stalling...a night and day difference. The bike seems to pull harder low but in a smooth, linear way. I also added a SDG tall seat that fit perfectly. If any of you are related to Sasquatch like me and have a size 13 boot try the Fastway platform-style pegs..I run mine in the low postion and they are simply amazing with the grip and size..I can actually control the bike much better with my legs which alleviates the arm-pump{although I cant walk for 4 days...}. The best part is that I didnt have to spend a fortune and I feel that I was able to accomplish many changes for what some people spend on an entire exhaust system alone. I am riding better than ever now and I'm confident it will be a competitive bike until the fuel injection machines come out.:)

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