Does stillwater OK raceway park suck

I was planning a trip to stillwater ok in feb to ride at that park and I heard not to waste my time that they don't takecare of it and that it is really dangerous can anyone clue me in?


It does not "suck", but the motocross track is not maintained on a regular schedule. The area has some great woods riding, the mx track is a jumpfest, but still interesting. If you are trying to get break from winter in WI, then Oklahoma would be a good choice. Go to They have lots of info on the local tracks. 59th and Douglas in OKC is fun. Decent practice tracks in Tulsa. Call Coop at cooperland and he can tell you more about Raceway Park. Oh yeah, the dirt is red and will stain your gear, your aluminum and plastic if not washed off right away. Have fun.

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Stillwater is a great place to ride, It is one of my favorites. The track is not maintained but it stays in pretty good shape (very hard packed). Lots of big air jumps.

We ride mostly trails, they have two main loops. The blue trail is about 10 miles long and open, can really open it up. The red trail is pretty tight and no telling how many miles it is, probably about 25 or so.

Let me know when you are going to be down here, maybe we can hook up and ride.


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