What needed to make 05 450 street legal?

What do i have to do? Ill get the dakar kit or baha kit for it. But then what, do i just take it to a shop that does inspectionsand such. Do i have to do anything with the title, or what to get a plate and such?

It all depends where you live man... in AZ you just take it to the DMV and they will ask you to sign somthing that says you have done all things to be street legal. Half the time they dont even do inspections, but AZ is one of the easiest states from what I hear... check with your states DMV, they will tell you exactly what you need, and the process. Before you go buying a DS kit, see if it is even possible in your state... some it is impossible... cough... CA

Im in pa. Ill c what i can find out this week then.

I strongly suggest a Baja Designs kit over a Dakar Kit. I read about the Trick Dual Sport being very good. But I read about the Dakar kit being good and I was dissapointed . 500 dollars is alot of money to spend on something that you arent comfortable with

I put a Baja Designs kit on mine and called my local dealer, told him it was installed and he arranged the plate from Motor Vehicle, easy as pie up here in Canada

everyone says baja kit (((((((( wheeling cycle can make up a kit that costs 20% less its all drc zeta and df very easy to do

all u need to worry about is emissions

Well ill make some calls tomorro. The dealer 10 miles from me is a rip off and i asked them last fall and they said that they have to order it and install it for them to do it and it would be like 800. I think not. Ill call the place i got it and some others and se what i can do.

:):ride::D Can't do that in Washington State.


try the dual sport forum. You might be able to find out more information about Pennsylvania

what dual sport forum???

I set mine up with a couple trips to the Yamma shop and an auto parts store. Spent less than $300, including flashers, rear brake switch, horn and wire, even got a trick switch console like on a regular streetbike, for horn, blinker, etc.

Just need to do some labor to put together, let me know if you need an electrical print.

you can always do the minimum and use hand signals, at least in MI.

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