Idle Question

Hey all!

I have an 05 450 and it seems to be idling kind of weird... When I ride, it seems to idle normal after warmup for a while, then depending on how I ride when I stop or pull the clutch in, one minute it will idle pretty fast and then the next time I stop or pull the clutch in it will idle really low and almost feel like it's going to die. I can get the idel back up by turning the adjuster on the carb, but then it seems to idle super high again until I back it off.

It almost seems like depending on how I was riding before I stop, (whether high RPM's or low RPM's) that has something to do with it but I can't figure out the pattern.

Basically it just seems to be all over the place and I'm not sure if that's normal or where I should start my troubleshooting.

Thanks guys!

Sounds like a needle adjustment, try that first. Could also check for vacumn leaks.

Check that the hot start cable doesn't pull on frame when you turn the bars.or that the hot start not siezed?If the hot start is on the bike revs higher.If you set the idle with the hot start on when it's off the idle drops.When the bike revs higher you could try pulling the hot start and your revs should increase.I had this problem after swapping bars.

good luck dave

could also be a little dirt in your carb, whe is the last time you cleaned it out?

Sounds like an air leak to me. Maybe something is bouncy open and closed. More than likely it is your hot start. Mine was completely stripped out. Pro Circuit sells one that is made of anodized aluminum. Definetly worth the money.

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