bad crash, feel like hangin it up..what now?

You gotta ask yourself what do you really love in life? You only live once, might as well be happy while you are here. I'm within a few months of 40 myself and just coming off a broken wrist, knuckles and fingers...before that a broken left leg.

I get the same reactions from people- "You're too old to be doing that stuff."

But what else am I gonna do that I love? Too old to box now...

Don't like fishing or hunting...

Golf? NEVER!

My kids ride with me, and our weekend rides/ races together are all I look forward to in life. :)

Thanks people for sharing your experiances. I am pretty sure how to look at things from here on out. I will be out 3 months and in the meantime i will be planning a long cross country stlye woods ride in Ocala nat'l forest. Gives me something to look forward too and to train for. Im getting a neck roll for everyone who is important to me as well.:)

Man I feel your pain, I have been in the same situation, after every crash I want to burn the bike. I limit my track time now and spend more time in the trails and more time in the sand dunes, it works for me.

i think you should get back on it and maybe take it easy

kinda like what sandman said

three weeks now since breaking my back and i want to get back on more and more every day. Im sure i will change up my rdng goals and style, but god miss it. Like i said before, I bleed the stuff


I am thirty one years old and I love to ride, I know what you mean because I was at a race, my throttle stuck open and I hit a ten year old girl! I watched her fly through the air like a rag doll, that hurt me so much worse than pain, it took me quite a few months to get back on my bike and a couple months after that to actually feel comfortable on it! My advice is to get back on and ride within yourself "wear all safety equipment" I have also had a very violent wreck that broke my helment and bruised my brain and my skull. Same feeling though. Good luck with your decision, let us know when you get back on it, lol

Im 49 now and have been ridding at Croom and a few MX tracks for the last 15 years. I broke my leg 18 months ago and was back ridding just 6 weeks after the crash. I do consider the risk/reward worth it. If you do come back, I recomend you ride slower but not slow. If I back it down too much I crash, 80 percent works best for me

Man that really bites about your crash...and I agree with some of the other guys about if its still important to you, and still enjoy it...keep it up! maybe just slow down a bit, and take it at your own pace...and like the other guy said, no shame in taking a break....definitely. Your wife sounds extremely supportive, and good luck with everything man!

oh..and did the girl do?

All you have to do is know YOUR limits and remember to ride WITHIN them. Once you follow that rule, you should be good to go. If you love riding, you should take the proper precautions, wear the right gear, be safe and stick with it. If on the other hand it is not a big part of your life and your questioning if this thing is for you, then maybe its not worth the fuss or the risk. But if riding is in your blood, take what i said above and don't take stupid risks and sooner or later you'll wonder why you even posted this thread. Good luck.

I can think of worse "addictions"/"obsessions" that a 40 y/o could have. You could be a jobless crack head. You have to do at least 1 thing in life that you love, or else life becomes pointless. You've got 30-40 years left if you're lucky. LIVE! IMHO :)

Good answer,totally agree:thumbsup:

i feel you on the whole getting psyched out/thinkin things over. ive had a few crashes that put me out of comission for a bit. time seemed to fix it for me. if you dont feel like ridin, dont. itll come back to you eventually, but hey sometimes you really do need a break.

Easy. If you're still disgusted with the bike don't ride it. If you feel like riding, where you look forward to prepping, going out and trying a new technique and are totally stoked, then ride it. Don't ride for the sake of riding because you will never forgive yourself if something tragic happens.

You can give up dirt bikes and just sit around and watch the tube from now. If you truly love to ride youll swing a leg over again. I am 52 and still love to ride and accept the risk.

I'm sorry to hear about your injuries man. i know a couple people that have had rough times on their bike when they enter their 40's and 50's and decide to throw in the towel. have you ever thought about looking into getting a rhino and putting long travel on it and having fun with that. granted they are more expensive but that is what my uncle did and he is having a blast out at the desert with us but with much less of a risk. there is always something else out there

I am 38 Brother, and I could not imagine not wanting to ride. When I am on my Thumper, I feel like I'm 16 again. Sure crashing sucks, but if you give it up will you just sit back and age twice as fast? Hope you get well soon, and get back on that bike, and ride.

I like the quote "I better leave while I'm still ahead". I have had a few minor accidents lately when I didn't listen to that little voice that was telling me it's time to step it down. Hey sometimes we just get a little older and have to except it.

I had a bad crash about a year ago, HELI ride.

People at work worked me over too but when you have a love for the sport you keep going.

Live your life not the one other people think you should live.

You know i went right back to the track where i was hurt and found out i like it better than the rest.

I am 47 and have to tell you do not stop just ride with your head now and not your balls.

The vet and Sen classes fit a 40 year old guy very well.

You will find that spending time in one of them is great because of the guys you will race with.

Maybe now it is time to ride for fun.

Good luck


I was in high school when you were born, and so far, only one person the I know of in this thread is older than I. I still ride, and I still ride fairly hard. I do not, however, push my limits as far as i once did, as I was reminded harshly in '04 that I was not as resilient as I once was. I'll go turn corners with anybody, and I enjoy real, traditional, outdoor MX. But Grayracer doesn't do doubles. Not big ones, at least. The penalty for going a little too slow over a jump should not be a broken back. To the extent that that limits my performance, I accept it.

To paraphrase from Jody Weisel, my friend asked, "Gray, don't you think that 4th gear table top in the middle of the front straight is dangerous?"

"Not the way I do it", I replied.

While i am not the originator of this thread i have been watching it and posted earlier. With 3 broken ribs a broken scalpula and four verts broke in my back w/ two 8 inch rods and a box of screws in there, I have been appreciating the replies as well. With my injuries three weeks old I sat on a bike today, and I am aching to ride. I wll slow a bit at first im sure, but we do it cuz we love it. Just be smart and ride jus hard enough to enjoy yourself.

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