My XR 650 R is finished....YAHOOOOOO

Nice ride man!!!!:)

Looks good! :)

Sick bike man. What front fender did you use? What size rear tire is that? It looks pretty beefy.


The amazing thing to me about taking a 650R and modding it for supermoto is the difference that makes in the bike.

My R spends summers config'd as an SM. When the first snow falls (and PennDOT lays down a layer of salt on the roads) I convert it back to Dual-sport config, to save my Excel / Z-Billet wheels. The difference in the character of the bike is night and day.

I wouldn't say one config is "better" than the other but they are definitely different. In SM config you hardly need to even THINK about turning the bike, it turns-in right NOW. In dual-sport config it is almost too stable (though I'm not complaining).

At first I was concerned about dropping the front end 2" (by installing the 17" front rims). So I also installed an integrated GPR stabilzer to manage any resulting head-shake that might crop up. But even with the GPR set on the lowest setting and riding on notoriously lousy Pennsylvania roads, I have never experienced the slightest hint of head-shake.

Great bike. My guess is you are loving yours.

Ride safe.

Sweet ride man... I'm jealous; I've always wanted to make my pig into an SM, but the WA laws are pretty lame...

And that is a MASSIVE rear tire...

hey hey nice ride man !

I've got black excel rims too, but with red anodised HAAN hubs :ride: 5" rear too :) what tire are you running? a 160 or a 165? are the side stickers from blackbirdracing?

Thanks rear wheel is a 5.00 & has a 160 tire.....I had to modify my chain guide for more clearance but no problems.....The number plate backgounds are Factory Pro w/ additional black accents from solid black sheets........I have ridden lots of bikes but this is the best.....

Nice attention to detail! I like it:applause:

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