I live in the United Kingdom and was wondering if I can buy this bike new from a franchised Honda dealer. Somehow I am under the impression it is no longer being made (Atleast in the UK)??

I hope I am wrong because I am dying to buy it spanking new!

I cannot speak to the feasibility of importing a new one out of the States into the UK, but the current exchange rate would make it highly attractive.

What I would suggest is that you ask your local Honda dealer to try to source a leftover "new" '05 or '06 from another dealer in the UK. Failing that perhaps you could find a new '05 or '06 somewhere in the EU.

I can fully appreciate your desire to find a new one, as that bike makes a primo dual sport / street platform. If you cannot find a spanking new one I would not hesitate finding a nice low-miles used model and going from there.

I bought my '01 used in 2003 and promptly motarded it and licensed it for the street (not standard in the States). I love my XR650R. Of the 4 bikes I currently own it is not the most expensive, but it is clearly my favorite and sees the most riding time, and customizing.

Good luck, Mate.

Ride safe.

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