back firring

03 wr 450 , when i close the throttle to slow down my bike backfires.Not every time but a fair bit.Any ideas?

Thanks dave

leaking header.

turn up your fuel mixture screw out another 1/2 turn, should fix it

LOL i love the backfire it keeps SUV's off my rear fender PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP

nothing like a flame thrower at a stop light P

Not sure of the WR model years, but some bikes had an enrichening circuit on decel that caused this. I KNOW it has been talked about since I've been here, but can't say for sure.

I dont know if the 03's had it but it may be the emissions system. It is not too big a deal, but if you richen the pilot circuits it should go away if you dont have the emissions stuff.

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