650L with CRF450 stock exhaust?

I've got the stock slip on from my CRF450R and was wondering if it would be tuned properly for my 650L provided I can make it fit. What problems might I have as far as potential engine damage? I know I'd probably have to rejet. All of Daves Mods plus smog, snorkel and air filter have been done.

It looks like it could fit with very little modifications.


I am planning the same type of custom muffler for my L. I bought a near new05 RMZ 450 stock muffler from ebay for 25.00. I will buy a cheap stock OEM muffler and use the section of it that bolts to the header and have a custom "mid pipe" made at the local muffler shop. There are several companies that produce quiet/spark arrested end caps for stock 450 mufflers that would allow many tuning options. I do not like the fact that most if not all performance mufflers for the L bolt to the weak turn signal mount. I want my muffler bolted to the subframe in the factory braced stock location.

I will let you know how it goes with pictures.


No engine damage, as long as you rejet.


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