How to do a balance wheelie?

Hey guys, i can wheelie my wr in any gear or start off in first and go to 5'the while up in the air, but my problem is while im wheeliing im always accelerating, now do you guys stay wheelieing in one gear called a balance wheelie? I try to go more vertical to the balance position but i feel like im gonna go back over if i go up too high, do you use the brake or just finess the throttle, any help or videos of this being done (while hearing the bike too) would be great, anyone help me out here???


just keep tryin it ll come, what you will find is the balance point once you become more and more comfortable wheeling at 1 speed rather than accelerating you ll start to feel when your gonna loop out just stab rear brake, some people use clutch to disengage drive but i prefer brake as if you think your going over, stabbin it will fetch you down everytime, way i learnt was on mountain bike get balance point on that and then you just need to adapt from hand brake to foot brake (try dragging brake gently at very slow speeds) eventually you ll forget what front wheel is for all together

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