04' Carb question?

I'm going to switch out my jet needle for my 04' yz450f. I can't remember if I have to remove the carb entirely, or can I just rotate the carb to the side to get to it??

Anybody have an 04' that knows?



On the '04 you can just tilt it in place. HOWEVER, it is advisable to disconnect the hot start cable from the carb before doing so to avoid breaking the plastic nut.

Thanks gray,

By the way....I know somebody offers an aftermarket Hot start nut made of either steel or aluminum..maybe Motion Pro? Anyway, if I get the aftermarket replacement nut, how do you slip the new nut on? I guess disconnect the hot start lever end and slip it thru??

Zip-Ty has one. You pop the old one off the end of the cable and pop the new one on.

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