Throttle cable question

I'm pretty sure it would, but will a 99 yz400 throttle cable assembly (or just the cable) fit my 02 426? It would make since that they would. I found the whole assembly on ebay for 20 bucks and I think it's a pretty good price. My open side is about to snap if I don't get one and I'm sure they're pretty expensive at the dealer. Thanks.

Retail on your cable set (5SF-26335-00-00) is $25. TT OEM will sell the set for $17.

Throttle cables different on 98/99 YZs versus 00-02. Carb changed between 99 and 00 - in fact the pulley wheel on the carb even spins opposite way to open the slide.

Just buy new cables.

I've had bad luck with OEM cables, they always seem to fray too easily. I replaced them with Motion Pros and haven't had a problem since. :)

I can't say that I've had any problems with OEM cables. The fit is certainly the best of anything available, if nothing else. Motion Pro is an interesting product line. The overall quality of everything they make (or sell), on the whole, is somewhat variable in my experience; some very good, and some not. That kind of makes it a gamble in my mind. But now we at least have your recommendation on the cables.

^^^ Maybe I should elaborate on my experience. I had 2 OEM throttle cables fray the upper cable as it goes into the carb. The Motion Pro is made a little longer with a little more insulation and I believe it helps.

I really can't speak for there other products...

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