New 01 wr426 Need some info from the Experts

First, just want to say what a wealth of info this page has been! I just purchased my bike although i wont pick it up for a few weeks i thought i would start learning all i can about maintaining it. If i get get some advice on proper break in, pre-1st ride greasing and so forth i would be grateful! I will be doing all minor maintenance (oil changes etc, but i will let dealer do valves and all) I have read that the new WR come with little grease in critical areas and i am unclear about taking the bike apart just to grease these areas before riding, is it something i should let the dealer do or try myself? Well, i am a newby to the new 4strks as i am military and havent ridden in 8yrs or so so any and all info would be appreciated. Cant wait to ride!! thanks to all who reply and make this a great site!

Don't worry about the grease if the bike is brand new. You only need enough grease to lubricate the bearings. Any excess will just attract dirt. Most people like to see a lot of grease, but it really isn't necessary.

You should however service your bearings periodically. How often depends on the conditions you ride in and whether you use a pressure washer to clean your bike. Sand, mud and water are very bad for bearings. This is an easy job to do yourself.

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