Slip-On Exhuast Vs. Full System Exhaust

Hey does anyone know what the real difference is between a slip-on exhaust versus the full system exhuasts which cost so much more? Any advantages of either of the two? Also, can anyone suggest a good exhaust i could put on my 06 wr 250? or atleast a good brand....


The difference between a full system vs a slip on is minumal, something you will not notice much unless you are a pro racer. For the most part a new pipe will only add 1-2 HP. Not a ver good bang for your buck, but with other mods will help liven up your bike.

Uncorking your WR will the first thing to do. Check out the

Here are a few good option.

1. YZF Pipe with an end cap - (Promotobillet or PurelyCustom)

2. FMF Q - Quiet with good low end power

3. WhiteBrothers E2 - Quiet with removable end cap. Boost to Low and Mid

4. Dr. D - With the quiet core insert - Better power than the others, but with a cost of being over 96 db - not a great choice if you are wanting to ride state land

Thanks Dano426

Ya i thought about just uncorking my wr stock pipe, but then i realized i wanted to keep a quiet pipe (the stock pipe) for riding at home and then I want to buy some sort of slip-on pipe for when i go to places to ride that is loud and gives me lots of power....any suggestions on slip-ons i could use?

1-2-3 on the above post are your best options to staying quiet. Good Plan:thumbsup:

what do you think about the Pro Circuit Titanium Slip-On?

the Ti-4 Slip-on that is^^

Personaly, I would not put a Pro Circuit or Ti-4 on a WR or YZF unless you are racing only. You are going to want to ride some where other than private property and both of those pipes are loud. They will be well over 100 DB. Next year when the AMA will drop the sound level to 99 or less, you would not even be able to ride MX.

hey does anyone have an opinion on the FMF Factory 4.1 Slip-On pipes?

and what is the difference betweent the 4.1 carbon, titanium, and stainless?


and what is the difference betweent the 4.1 carbon, titanium, and stainless?


You answered your own question here. The difference, is that one is made out of carbon fiber, one is made out of titanium, one is made out of stainless steel.

You might want to do a little research, and search this site before you start yet another thread on wich exhaust to buy.

...and what is the difference betweent the 4.1 carbon, titanium, and stainless?

I can't speak for the FMF pipes, but in general stainless is tough and will take more abuse than titanium or carbon. Titanium is lighter than stainless, in part because it can be thinner for the same strength. Titanium less ductile than stainless, so titanium is more likely to crack if it takes a hit. Carbon canisters are light, but don't stand up well against direct impacts. You have to keep up on the packing in Ti and carbon canisters because burning out the packing can allow the hot gasses to burn the muffler liner and damage the Ti or carbon casing.

Personally, I like titanium headers over stainless because I can see if I'm running too lean, but that's just me. I'm changing over from stock to a Two Brothers stanless full exhaust kit on my '07 WR250F this weekend.

Unless you race just go the slip on option. Replacement of the header really doesn't make as noticeable of difference.

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