XR650R Starting inconsistant - Autodecompressor bad?

I just bought a 2001 XR650R in great condition. Stock engine and exhaust. I've started it from cold probably 8 times plus many times warm and it has had a consistent and reliable procedure. It starts first kick most of the time.

1. kick through a few times with decompresser pulled in

2. let go of decompresser and push through until the clunk, or compressor stroke is hit

3. pull in decompresser and push down 2-3 in.

4. let go of decompresser, rise the kickstarter and give it a swift kick.

Well I went out yesterday on my first day ride with it and before suiting up I started it normally. After a few minutes of warming up I shut it off until we were ready to go. I get on it, go to start it and can't feel the clunk. This is odd. I kick through and can't find it. It felt as if the decompressor was decompressing without pulling it. I disconnected the cable and it didn't change anything. I kicked through a few more times to see if it would come back. I decided to start it and it started and ran fine. However I was nervous about it. I called around and no one knew anything.

I called the previous owner and he said that he had never experienced this before.

We drive back home and drop by a local shop and a tech told me that it has a centrifugal auto decompresser that sometimes causes it to do this. Once the engine starts running the decompresser or disables and will not cause problems. It is more of an annoyance because it is more difficult to find the compression stroke for starting.

After hearing this we went out to a local place for an afternoon ride and the bike runs great. An odd twist is that about one out of every 6 times starting it, the clunk occurs. The other 5 times it goes right through it.

However, this makes me nervous. Is there an auto decompresser? Is it decompressing when it shouldn't be? Is this a serious problem? What can I do to fix it?

Every bike has it's own personality, it doesn't sound like you have a prob. My bike is the same way, just run the kick through until you feel it, you'll figure out what it likes.:)

Mine does the same thing. Sometimes when I am trying to find that Top Dead Center hard spot it just keeps kicking easily. When this happens I usually just give it a swift kick and it starts right up. Just make sure that you have kicked it through enough times to make sure you are not going to hit TDC mid kick.

Every bike has it's own personality, it doesn't sound like you have a prob. My bike is the same way, just run the kick through until you feel it, you'll figure out what it likes.:)

The problem is that I can't feel it.

My stock bike does this also. If I have too much speed on the kick starter, then the motor coasts right by TDC. It will usually fire up just fine though.

You may want to change your oil a couple times in the first month to make sure everything is running really clean.

What akuleboat and billahjack said.

Mine does same thing ocassioanlly. I just slow down my strokes and the auto-decomp disengages and I find TDC.

One slight change I'd suggest for your starting drill: once you find TDC and pull in the manual decomp, just nudge the kick lever down an inch or so, that's all that's needed.

Ride safe.

Once the decompressor has be activated, it doesn't release till the engine has started.

Been there, you don't have a problem..

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