Scotts low mount stabilizer

Has anyone tried the low mount stabilizer? What would the pros and cons of mounting it there?


I don't like the way it sticks out there like a hood ornament. That's a pile of $$$ sitting there waiting to take a rock. I like mine protected by my SUB mount.

From the Scott website...

You are viewing the Low mount kit from the front fender side of the bike. This is the LOW mount kit on the YZ where the stabilizer mounts between the front fender and lower triple clamp.
This kit requires drilling (2) holes in the frame
. Step by step pictured instructions and all necessary hardware including drills, taps and center punch are included in the kit. Developed for the those applications where the stabilizer needs to be off the handlebar area. Used and endorsed by National Outdoor motocrossers.

No thanks!!!...SC

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