split fire plugs

"HELP" I live in australia and have used splitfire spark plugs since I bought my first wr4 in "98" and fully recomend them, anyway a few months back I bought a new "00" model when i picked it up I also grabbed some oil, spare filters etc and asked for a couple of splitfire plugs, the bloke behind the counter said we can't get them in australia anymore and something about a contract with harley-davidson, so i've been trying to find some only to get basicaly the same story everywhere I go. If you know how or where i can some my bikes and I would be very gratefull thanks !

Try Dennis Kirk, they are on the web or you can request a catalog.


SPLITFIRE PLUGS/Really worth it or gimmick?


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With crappy jetting, my bike didn't once foul it's Splitfire the entire time we were in Moab @ 4 full days of riding ~ 200-250 miles. In theory, the plug will cover a wider heat range.

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Originally posted by FOX426:

SPLITFIRE PLUGS/Really worth it or gimmick?

JUST TRY EM'/You will be amazed,Instant horsepower gain,Stronger/ crispier top & bottom end, better economy, excelent starting/running in cold weather,I have not had to check the plug in my "98"wr4 for almost 8000 hard km (5000 miles). P.S. I still need a couple.

In my experience plugs like the split fire

are more gimmick. Does anyone have any certified dyno tests to back up the seat of your pants horsepower increase? Having the proper heat range is critical and there is no substitute for proper jetting. Trouble is most guys screw up the jetting and try to compensate with a foul proof plug. I do spend a couple extra bucks for a platinum as the harder electrode material should last longer but I've had cheap old Champions outlast the high dollar units. I think your money might be better spent on better fuel.


My experience is with Nippondenso (ND) Hot-U's. There is absolutely ZERO doubt in my mind the Hot-U's work as claimed. Through the wider heat range, they can cure some minor jetting problems. I has a Kawasaki KS125 that would not pull 6th gear under load. The Hot-U cleaned it right up and my bike never bogged again. Being a kid, I didn't realize a main jet swap would cure it, but the plug did it for me.

My 2 cents.


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Originally posted by FOX426:

SPLITFIRE PLUGS/Really worth it or gimmick?

Gimmick, with a CAPITAL G :)

Hmm, I haven't had to check the stock plug on my '99......

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