Oil Pressure Test

I installed a IMS off road tank on my 04 450f.

Now when changing the oil I can't get to the bolt to make sure I am getting oil pressure. It's pretty much tucked up behind the tank. :)

Is this something that needs to be done? I know the potential if you don't get oil pressure but what are the chances? How may people have loosened the bolt to find they don't have any pressure? How many people don't even check it?



i check mine but im not too sure how important it is

There isn't really anything you can do during an oil change to prevent there being oil pressure (aside from neglecting to refill it) except for leaving the O-rings out on the cover, and that would cause a very noticeable external leak. So, it isn't something that necessarily needs to be done all the time. But you can loosen the oil manifold at the crankcase cover to check for oil pressure.

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